Selecting a standard number format
Table 3-1 shows the standard number formats that Interactive Viewer supports. The examples in the table reflect the English (United States) locale. If you work in a different locale, the data displays differently. For example, a number that appears as 1352.45 in the English (United States) locale appears as 1352,45 in the French (France) locale.
Table 3-1  
6066.45 or 6066.5 or 6067, depending on the original value. This format displays up to two decimal places. Whole numbers and numbers with one or two decimal places appear in their original format.
$6,067.45 or ¥6067 or 6067€, depending on the symbol, symbol position, decimal place, and thousands separator values that you set.
6067 or 6067.5 or 6,067.45, depending on the decimal place and thousands separator values that you set.
45% or 45.8% or %45, depending on the symbol position and decimal place values that you set. This format multiplies the original value by 100 and adds the percent (%) symbol.
2E04 or 2.67E04, depending on the decimal place value you set. The number after the E represents the exponent of 10. For example, 2.67E04 means 2.67 multiplied by 10 raised to the fourth power.

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