Saving a report
You save a report to a folder in an iHub Encyclopedia volume. rows:increasing number displayedYour access privileges determine the folders in which you can save a report.
The first time you save a report, BIRT Studio prompts you to select the folder and provide a name and description for the report. The next time you save the report, BIRT Studio saves the report to the same folder and you can choose whether to replace the original report or create a new version.
How to save a new report
Save as type shows that the report is saved as a BIRT Report Design file with a .rptdesign file-name extension. Choose OK.
Figure 1-24  
If you modify an existing report, BIRT Studio prompts you to confirm that you want to replace the existing version with the modified version. To create a new version of the report design, change the file name, or save the report design in a different folder.
How to save a report and change its name or location
Sometimes you need to create a new version of a report while retaining the original report or you want to save the report in a different folder. To accomplish either task, choose Save As. In Save Report Design, select a new folder, and type a file name in the same way as when using Save.

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