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BIRT Exchange Community Leaderboard Details

The BIRT Exchange Community Leaderboard is the principal means top community contributors are recognized each month for their efforts.

What is It?

The purpose of the BIRT Exchange Community Leaderboard is to formally recognize and express our gratitude to those members of BIRT Exchange who go out of their way to provide time and expertise to the BIRT community. Each month the Leaderboard will list the top dozen (or so) members of the BIRT Exchange community who have made the most number and/or highest valued contributions to BIRT Exchange during the prior month.

A secondary purpose is to encourage BIRT Exchange members to make more contributions, comment on blogs and DevShare articles, write reviews for the Marketplace and rate others' contributions on blogs, forums and DevShare. Plus to have some fun!

How are these Leaders Selected?

The top leaders are determined via a weighted score based roughly on the value of each contribution. For example, starting a new topic (thread) on one of the BIRT Exchange forums or giving a thumbs up/down rating to a DevShare article will score one point. Answering a question on the forums will score more points (currently three).

The weights for each contribution type are still being finalized, but you can figure the score for a contribution should correspond approximately to the amount of effort/expertise involved with making it. So contributing a DevShare or Marketplace submission will give a much higher weighted score than a comment to a blog post or a star rating to a forum topic.

Any BIRT Exchange member is eligible to participate on the Leaderboard except for a few Actuate employees who are specifically responsible to administer or contribute to the site.

What Criteria is Being Scored?

A weighted score has been assigned to most activities where questions are asked and when information, comments or opinions are given on BIRT Exchange. Updating a user profile, while highly encouraged, is not scored at this time. Consuming information such as reading DevShare articles or forum posts, watching demos or downloading products is also not scored. Point scores for individual activities are not being provided at this time but may be in the future.

How Will the Integrity of Contributions be Managed?

To help ensure the quality of the scoring, certain contributions, such as simple one-click ratings and multiple calendar entries, will be capped (currently at a maximum of 5 ratings and 3 calendar entries per month). In the regrettable situation that a member clearly violates the spirit of the Leaderboard by padding his or her score through many duplicate posts and/or non-beneficial comments/contributions, the Community Advisory Council will have the authority to eliminate a member from inclusion on the Leaderboard for that month.

Anything Else?

We plan this to be the first step in a number of community recognition programs. In the future, we are considering adding a 6 month rolling Leaderboard and several other means to show our appreciation for contributors. Stay tuned!