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The BIRT Exchange Community Advisory Council is a group of individuals whose purpose is to offer advice and assistance to Actuate in maintaining and evolving the BIRT Exchange web site and community. The Council is made of of Actuate employees, independent developers and company representatives who are active in the BIRT community. Currently these advisors offer input on web site infrastructure changes, contests, promotions and other programs on BIRT Exchange. The current draft charter is included below and will be finalized after the Council members have been identifed.

Council Members

Community Advisory Council Charter

April 26, 2013 v1.4

A fundamental purpose of BIRT Exchange is to make the BIRT user community grow and thrive. It is therefore essential that members of the BIRT Exchange community have a say in how BIRT Exchange is run and developed.

To assure such community input is provided to Actuate, BIRT Exchange has launched the BIRT Exchange Community Advisory Council. In particular, the Advisory Council will provide guidance on:

  1. Community Development
  2. Recognition and Rewards
  3. Infrastructure Improvements
  4. Community Site Policies

The Advisory Council will consist of a mix of Actuate employees and other members of the BIRT Exchange community who have demonstrated leadership through contributions to BIRT Exchange and other activities.

Advisory Council members will:

  • belong to a private mailing list for the purpose of discussing community issues.
  • host a quarterly live “town hall” meeting to talk about issues and ideas surrounding BIRT Exchange and the BIRT community.

Discussion topics, issues or proposals can be raised by any Advisory Council member on the mailing list or at the quarterly meeting.

Each Advisory Council member must commit to actively participate to ensure that a good representation of the BIRT Exchange community is reflected in all discussions.

Initially, Advisory Council members will be chosen by Actuate based on BIRT Exchange contribution statistics and background. They will be listed on BIRT Exchange and marked as such on their community user profiles. Once formed, new and replacement members will be selected with input and approval of the Advisory Council. Membership on the Advisory Council is for 1 year, renewable annually. Inactive members will be replaced after reasonable notice.

The initial Advisory Council will be comprised of up to 12 members selected from the following groups:

  • Actuate staff (maximum 3).
  • Representatives from company contributors to the site, with a special emphasis on BIRT Exchange Marketplace contributors.
  • Independent contributors to BIRT Exchange.

The composition may change to represent the diversity of contributors to BIRT Exchange as well as other factors.

Members of the Advisory Council are expected to act professionally and be respectful of their fellow BIRT Exchange community members. Advisory Council members who behave in a disrespectful, discriminatory or unprofessional manner may be summarily removed from the Advisory Council.

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