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MongoDB emitter for BIRT

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BIRT emitter to push data into mongo db

Full Description:

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Hi All,

MongoDB Emitter is plugin developed to extend the emiting capability of BIRT even to mongo db. It empowers BIRT users to directly export table data into specified mongo db instances.

The project is hosted at: https://code.google....n-emitter-birt/

Source code for mongo db emitter can be anonymously checked out from:

svn checkout http

Alternatively, you can browse the source code from this page: https://code.google..../source/browse/

Mongo db emitter depends on mongo java driver, so make sure that you download mongo-java-driver-2.10.1.jar also along with org.eclipse.birt.report.engine.emitter.mongodb_1.0.0.1.jar and place inside the plugins/dropins folder of your eclipse installation in order to use this plugin.

For more details please refer the user guide Mongo DB emitter.pdf.

Attached resource contains sample report design file which will serve as an example for mongo db emitter.

Please leave a comment if you face any challenge using this plugin. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

-Megha (Arpan)