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Create Live Excel Spreadsheets from BIRT

Posted by averma , 12 August 2010 · 4314 views

Actuate BIRT in version 11 has a new Excel emitter that creates analysis ready live Excel spreadsheets. I have created a few videos to highlight some of these enhancements:?

Live Excel Formulas ? BIRT exports calculated fields and aggregations as Excel formula and functions that enables users to perform ?what-if? analysis within spreadsheet. Watch video
Editable Charts ? BIRT charts are now converted to live Excel charts with an associated data sheet containing the underlying data that could be edited to see how data changes reflects back in the chart. Watch video?
Pivot Tables ? BIRT crosstabs are exported as pivot tables containing the underlying data for further analysis. These pivot tables can be used to analyze the data based on different dimensions or to perform what-if analysis by altering the underlying data sheet. Watch Video?
Images ? The enhanced Excel emitter also adds support for images in the Excel output. Watch Video?
Export Objects ? Export the entire BIRT output to Excel or choose a specific table, chart or crosstab to export. Watch Video
Multiple Worksheets - A simple check box control enables creation of multiple worksheets. Watch Video
To download the Actuate 11 milestone builds visit http://www.birt-exch...iki/Actuate_11/

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