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BIRT: A Field Guide, 3rd Edition is Available!

Posted by Ray Gans , 22 February 2011 · 3689 views

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The 3rd Edition of BIRT: A Field Guide is available at last for purchase! This edition has been thoroughly revised and tested for BIRT v2.6 with almost 1,000 new and replacement illustrations. Weighing in at just over 800 pages (including a 60 page index), this is an ideal introductory developer's guide to the open source Eclipse BIRT Designer as well as a solid reference for BIRT Designer experts.

BIRT: A Field Guide, 3rd Edition covers all the new and improved BIRT v2.6 product features, including:
  • Result-set sharing to create dashboard-style reports
  • Data collation conforming to local conventions
  • Using cube data in charts, new chart types, and functionality
  • Displaying bidirectional text, used in right-to-left languages
  • Numerous enhancements to cross tabs, page management, and report layout
The authors, Diana Peh, Nola Hague, and Jane Tatchell, are all members of the extended BIRT development team.

The book can be purchased through most major booksellers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and informIT. Purchasers of the book are also entitled to a free 45 day online version through Safari Books Online.

An update to the advanced Integrating and Extending BIRT is also in the works and should be published soon.

Users of Actuate 11 BIRT Designer Pro: A separate manual included with the product, titled Using Actuate BIRT Designer Professional, describes enhancements included in BIRT Designer Pro and works well as a companion volume to BIRT: A Field Guide, 3rd Edition.

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