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BIRT Exchange Contributor Contest Winner for February 2012 Selected

Posted by Ray Gans , 19 March 2012 · 3142 views

The winner of the BIRT Exchange Contributor of the Month Contest for February 2012 is John Ward for his contribution to BIRT Exchange titled: Showing Top 10 and Still Displaying Total Count.

John said, "I put this example together to answer a question in the BIRT Exchange Forums. I enjoy submitting to DevShare and I hope to encourage other developers to take advantage and submit their solutions as well."

John Ward is the author of "Practical Data Analysis and Reporting with BIRT" and "BIRT 2.6: Data Analysis and Reporting." John has been involved with the BIRT project since the beta phase, and has worked on a number of small and large scale BIRT based products. He is familiar with all aspects of BIRT, from report development, to extension points and core modification.

He chose a $200 Amazon Gift Card for his award.

We also want to thank the other eligible DevShare contributors for participating in this month's contest:

It's not too late... to get your own DevShare article posted in time for next month's contest that closes on March 31st. If you"ve cooked up something that you can share with the BIRT Exchange community, please post it soon! You can create a tutorial, build a BIRT application, template or component, or write up some of the tips and solutions to problems you've run into during the past -- anything that's helped you use BIRT more effectively will probably be useful to others too. And don't forget the BIRT Exchange Marketplace. A code-based DevShare submission could also be a great candidate for the Marketplace.

See the Contributor of the Month Contest Rules and the list of previous winners for more information about the contest.

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