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  • Submitted: Jul 28 2010 07:30 AM
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  • Summary: Example report showing a way to have expandable/collapsible groups by using a drill through hyperlink
  • Content Type: Designs & Code
  • BIRT Version: 2.5

Download Expandable/Collapsible Groups by Drill Through

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Hyperlink Expand Table Collapse drill-through

Example report showing a way to have expandable/collapsible groups by using a drill through hyperlink.

The report has an outer table and embedded detail table. All embedded details begin empty and hidden. If you click on a group hyperlink, the group value is added to a comma separated string parameter that is passed to the same report which shows the clicked group expanded. As you select/unselect other groups, their values are added/removed from the passed parameter to simulate the expansion and collapse of the group. Each expanded group remains expanded until the group is clicked on again to close it. The scripting for the comma separated parameter is inside the hyperlink drill through setup on the outer table group header. You can see the values being added/removed from the \"expanded groups\" list at the top of the report.

This report was designed in BIRT 2.5.1.

Hakan BaybaƟ
Apr 26 2017 11:30 PM

thanks to example! :)
to make report work:

-customerNumber parameter default value seems like "", delete this default value

-DataSet1 script beforeOpen function like that:

if (params["customerNumber"].value != "" && params["customerNumber"].value != '' && params["customerNumber"].value != null ){
this.queryText = this.queryText + " where CLASSICMODELS.PAYMENTS.CUSTOMERNUMBER IN (" + params["customerNumber"].value + ")";

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