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  • Summary: This example sets a default value to select all parameter choices. This is done by modifying the query that is executed with script.
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  • BIRT Version: 2.2

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This example report has two datasets. One is tied to a report parameter. This report parameter has a default value of All Customers. The second dataset is displayed in the report. In its beforeOpen the query is modified based on the parameter selected.

Very cool - now if I could just get it to work on my data.


I can replicate this to varying degrees using the ClassicModels sample database but am having issues getting it to work with my data and I suspect it's the beforeOpen script.


Here's my modified version:

category_Param = "'" + params["Category"].value.join("','") + "'";
if (category_Param.match("(All)") == null){ 
this.queryText = this.queryText + " and CATEGORY IN (" + category_Param + ")";
I've also tried it with the schema.tablename in front of the CATEGORY field name in the last line but to no avail.
Any thoughts appreciated.

Hi Jason,


I am trying to use the report provided but the reportdataset does not seem to pull the values selected from the Data Set. I am using BIRT 4.2


Any ideas?




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