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  • Summary: BIRT 4.3.0 includes a release of the SpudSoft Excel Emitters, but continuous development of the emitters means that there are new versions available on BitBucket.
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Updating the SpudSoft Excel Emitters in BIRT 4.3.1

- - - - -
4.3.0 Excel SpudSoft 4.3.1

Note, I've only tested this with BIRT 4.3.1, but it should be the same for 4.3.0.

In order to get updated SpudSoft Excel Emitters working in BIRT 4.3.1 you first need to completely remove any reference to the version of the emitters that shipped with BIRT.
If eclipse finds any reference to the in-box SpudSoft emitters it will fail to install the downloaded version (I think this is just because it finds the in-box version first).

What follows is based on a clean installation of BIRT 4.3.1, extracted to "C:\Program Files\eclipse-4.3.1\".
If you've already used you BIRT installation there may be more files to modify, after deleting the in-box emitter do a search for "spudsoft" in all files including compressed files - I like FileLocator Pro for this task, but other tools are available.

(sorry about the formatting of this list, the forum won't let me nest lists)
  • Change the permissions on the directory so the users running eclipse can modify the contents.
    I just give Modify rights to Users, but you can be more restrictive if you want.
  • Delete the in-box emitter:
    "C:\Program Files\eclipse-4.3.1\plugins\uk.co.spudsoft.birt.emitters.excel_4.3.1.v201308301349"
  • Find the files that need editing, for a clean installation this should be:
  • configuration\org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator\bundles.info
    Delete the one line at the bottom that references spudsoft.
  • features\org.eclipse.birt_4.3.1.v201308301349-DTDN8fGjtEqcbZz0BQWLW07D_cfT\feature.xml
    Delete the 'plugin' element with the id "uk.co.spudsoft.birt.emitters.excel".
  • artifacts.xml
    Delete the 'artifact' element with the id "uk.co.spudsoft.birt.emitters.excel".
  • p2\org.eclipse.equinox.p2.engine\profileRegistry\epp.package.reporting.profile\1379584392536.profile.gz\1379584392536.profile
    Do this for any profile.gz files:
  • cd C:\Program Files\eclipse-4.3.1\p2\org.eclipse.equinox.p2.engine\profileRegistry\epp.package.reporting.profile
  • gzip -d 1379584392536.profile.gz
  • Delete the 'required' element with the name "uk.co.spudsoft.birt.emitters.excel".
  • Delete the 'unit' element with the id "uk.co.spudsoft.birt.emitters.excel".
  • gzip 1379584392536.profile
  • At this point there should be no files in eclipse that mention spudsoft.
  • (Optional) Delete the old excel emitter files:
  • plugins\org.eclipse.birt.report.engine.emitter.config.excel_4.3.1.v201308301349.jar
  • plugins\org.eclipse.birt.report.engine.emitter.prototype.excel_4.3.1.v201309131458.jar
  • Copy the BitBucket emitter to the dropins directory.
  • Start eclipse (if this isn't the first time it's started give it the "-clean" argument).
That's it, what could be simpler :)

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