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Posted 29 February 2012 - 07:59 AM

I downloaded the free Actuate Spreadsheet Designer, and the free Spreadsheet API (JAVA API For Unix). I guess I'm confused on to the licensing of these products, and if they're really some sort of limited evaluation copy or something. I've read several places on the web that they are "45 day trials", but it didn't say anything like that while downloading or using the app. I have no idea if this is a limited copy that while "expire" or what. Just curious if anyone out there can make some sense out this for me, so I know what I'm getting myself into :-) Thanks! EDIT: I notice the "BIRT Spreadsheet Engine and API" are the same file as just the "Free Birt Spreadsheet API". While the spreadsheet engine and api is only a "trial" version, the spreadsheet api is "free". So that further confuses me... Is there a typo somewhere? How can the same file be free on one link and only be an unknown length/term trial on another? If it matters: I'm just trying to design spreadsheets and convert the SOD's to xls files to be downloaded by a user on a webapp i made. Thanks again!

#2 johnw


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Posted 29 February 2012 - 08:51 AM

The Spreadsheet Designer is free. You can use it to design Data Driven spreadsheets with formulas. The 45 Day License applies to iServers Evaluation and the Spreadsheet option on there. The standalone spreadsheet designer is for single user use only on your desktop. You would need iServer with the Spreadsheet Option in order to share those spreadsheets.

John Ward

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