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Deployment Guides

There are several options available to deploy your BIRT designs. In this section, you'll find everything you need to know about using the different deployment options. If you're looking for the designing guides, see the Design Center.

Below are the available deployment guides:

BIRT iHub and JavaScript API

BIRT iHub powers, integrates and manages BIRT-based information and analytic applications. BIRT iHub delivers information to virtually unlimited numbers of users in record-breaking time. This scalable, world-class platform generates, manages and securely delivers interactive, actionable business information to employees, customers and partners. BIRT iHub can integrate information from any data source and application and can be phased in, adding features and resources as required. This guide will cover all you need to know about using the iHub, from installing the iHub to using the Information Delivery and JavaScript APIs.
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BIRT Engine and Sample Viewer

The BIRT Runtime download includes the BIRT Engine, a BIRT Sample Viewer WAR file, and an exploded version of the Sample Viewer WAR. The BIRT Engine is a set of Java APIs that can be used to integrate BIRT’s powerful capabilities into your application. The Sample Viewer is a deployable WAR file that can be used to run and view BIRT designs via URL in a browser. The viewer also includes a tag library that can be used to embed the viewer or parameter page into JSP pages. This product guide will discuss everything from deploying the Sample Viewer to Tomcat to programming with the Engine APIs.
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