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BIRT iHub3 and JavaScript API


BIRT iHub is the deployment platform for all BIRT content and applications. BIRT iHub removes the administrative and maintenance burdens created when managing applications.
In addition, BIRT iHub enhances the reach and value of BIRT content by:

  • Instantly scaling to hundreds of thousands or even millions of users
  • Integrating metadata, data integration, and caching operations in one place
  • Securing and managing personalized content
  • Powering the visualization suite of dashboards, statements, interactive, ad-hoc, and mobile content
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The guide below will take you through everything you need to install, set up, and use your iHub. If you have questions you cannot quickly find the answer to, in these guides, see the community forums.



This section covers a range of topics related to BIRT iHub installation. These include:

  • Understanding BIRT iHub installation
  • Prerequisites for installing BIRT iHub
  • Installing BIRT iHub modules
  • Using the command-line installation package
  • Reviewing the BIRT iHub installation
  • Setting up BIRT iHub
  • Accessing BIRT iHub consoles
  • Understanding the BIRT iHub installation environment
  • Uninstalling BIRT iHub

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Visualization Platform

This section covers a range of topics related to BIRT iHub Visualization Platform installation. These include:

  • Understanding Visualization Platform clients
  • Installing Visualization Platform stand-alone client
  • Configuring Actuate Visualization Platform client
  • Configuring Report Studio
  • Configuring BIRT Viewer

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System Administration Guide

This guide discusses the BIRT iHub architecture, creating clusters, and how to use and configure the BIRT iHub System Console. The topics included in this section include:

  • Understanding BIRT iHub architecture
  • Configuring a BIRT iHub cluster
  • Configuring BIRT iHub to use an alternative database
  • Understanding System Console
  • Managing clusters
  • Managing system administrators
  • Licensing BIRT iHub
  • Backing up BIRT iHub System
  • Working with BIRT iHub utilities

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Managing Client Applications

This guide discusses how to administer a BIRT iHub System Encyclopedia volume. The topics covered in this section include:

  • Getting started with your BIRT iHub application
  • Setting up application users and groups
  • Configuring fonts
  • Setting up an application storage volume
  • Managing volume-level operations
  • Understanding BIRT iHub Visualization Platform clients
  • Installing BIRT iHub Visualization Platform stand-alone client
  • Configuring BIRT iHub Visualization Platform client
  • Configuring BIRT Studio
  • Configuring BIRT Viewer

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Using Visualization Platform

This guide provides information about using Information Console, understanding BIRT Dashboards, and using the BIRT Viewers. The following topics are covered in this guide:

  • Introducing Information Console
  • Working with items in a volume
  • Running jobs
  • Using BIRT dashboards
  • Introducing Viewers
  • Editing and formatting a report
  • Exporting report data and content
  • Organizing and modifying data
  • Modifying charts and gadgets
  • Analyzing data
  • Using BIRT Viewer on mobile devices
  • Functions and operators

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Integration Guide

This guide provides information about integrating applications using Actuate APIs and URIs with BIRT iHub. The APIs include client-side programming using Actuate JavaScript API and server-side programming using the XML-based Actuate Information Delivery API. The topics included in this section include:

  • Using Actuate BIRT APIs
  • Using Actuate JavaScript API
  • Introduction to the Actuate Information Delivery API
  • Developing Actuate Information Delivery API applications
  • Working with BIRT iHub integration APIs
  • Accessing BIRT applications using URIs
  • Using Actuate security

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