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Getting Started - Deploying BIRT

Creating a BIRT Application is a two-step process which starts with creating BIRT Designs and ends with deploying those designs so that BIRT data visualizations and reports can be consumed by users. If you haven't yet created your BIRT Designs, go to the Design Center.

Step 1 – Review the Architecture of the BIRT Deployment Options

There are two main ways BIRT Designs can be deployed to application users, and the choice of the deployment option is determined by both the functionality and the scale of the application. For certain kinds of applications, developers can embed the Eclipse Open Source BIRT Engine in their Java/Java EE application whereas for more robust enterprise grade application, developers can leverage BIRT iHub to deploy their BIRT Designs and create BIRT based applications.

Review the architecture of the different deployment options using the information below.

Understanding the BIRT Architecture
Understanding the BIRT iHub Architecture

Step 2 – Learn About and Download a BIRT Deployment Option

Here is a quick comparison table to help you make a decision on which deployment option to choose.

  • Choose BIRT iHub if you:
    • want the quickest way to deploy your BIRT reports
    • want interactivity, scheduling, security, or other enhanced features
    • plan to use the JavaScript API for application integration
    • have BIRT designs from BIRT Designer Professional or BIRT Designer
    Deployment Guide | Download

  • Choose the BIRT Runtime if you:
    • want to run BIRT reports from the command line
    • want to modify the WebViewerExample and have your own JavaEE server
    • want a deeper integration into your app using Java API’s
    Deployment Guide | Download

To view all available BIRT downloads, see the downloads page.

Step 3 – Access Additional Resources