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BIRT with JavaEE Web App

Adding a BIRT Viewer to your JavaEE Web App enables users to run and view BIRT content. There are three different ways you can add the BIRT Viewer capability to you application.

BIRT Sample Viewer – The sample viewer is bundled with the open-source BIRT Runtime Engine. This basic viewer enables users to access personalized data visualizations and content. This guide explains how to integrate the BIRT Sample Viewer into your application

BIRT Interactive Viewer – The BIRT Interactive Viewer lets users modify and personalize their report views. This allows one report design to serve more users because it does not need to conform to any one structure, reducing the overall number of reports that need to be created. This in turn reduces system load, improves performance and increases user satisfaction and adoption of the software, in turn improving ROI. This guide explains how to integrate BIRT Interactive Viewer into your application.

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