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Product Manuals

This page provides downloadable PDF manuals for the BIRT iHub and all components of the Visualization Platform. For BIRT Designer Professional manuals, see the Design Center.

BIRT iHub 3

BIRT iHub System Download
Installing BIRT iHub on Windows PDF (0.89 MB)
Installing BIRT iHub on Linux PDF (0.6 MB)
System Administration Guide PDF (2.55 MB)
Managing Volumes and Users PDF (1.71 MB)
Integrating Applications into BIRT iHub PDF (11.24 MB)
BIRT iHub Visualization Platform Download
Installing BIRT iHub Visualization Platform PDF (1.71 MB)
Using BIRT iHub Visualization Platform PDF (5.38 MB)
Using BIRT Viewers PDF (3.72 MB)
Using BIRT Studio PDF (3.49 MB)
BIRT Analytics Download
Installing BIRT Analytics PDF (1.26 MB)
Using BIRT Analytics PDF (5.48 MB)
BIRT Viewer Toolkit Download
Using BIRT Viewer Toolkit PDF (1.34 MB)
BIRT Java Components Download
Installing an Actuate Java Component PDF (0.61 MB)
Actuate BIRT Java Components Developer Guide PDF (4.07 MB)


Integrating and Extending BIRT (3rd Edition)