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Analytics Designer

This guide contains everything you need to know to use the OpenText Actuate Analytics Designer. Analytics Designer shares all the features of the Eclipse BIRT designer, and adds hundreds of HTML5-powered charts, gadgets and maps; commercial data drivers; a metadata layer, impact analysis; and cube design and caching features for creating interactive and analytic content. Since Analytics Designer is built off of the open source BIRT designer, much of this guide is applicable to both designers. For more information on Analytics Designer, visit its product page. If you're looking for a strictly Eclipse BIRT Designer quick start guide, see the BIRT Designer Design Guide.


If you have not yet downloaded OpenText Actuate Analytics Designer, you should do that now. Below is a listing of the available downloads:

System Requirements


The topics included in this section are:

  • About BIRT Designer Professional
  • Installing BIRT Designer Professional
  • About the BIRT Designer Professional Eclipse Directory
  • Replacing the datasources.xml File in your BIRT Designer Professional Install
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Provisioning Data

The topics included in this section are:

  • Accessing Data Basics
  • Accessing Data in Supported Data Sources
  • Modeling Data
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Application Developer Guide

The topics included in this section are:

  • Getting Started with Analytics Designer
  • Designing Applications
  • Building Application Components
  • Enhancing Applicaiton Components
  • Scripting Event Handlers in a Report Design
  • Deploying Applications
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Scripting Function Reference

The topics included in this section are:

  • Scripting Reference
  • EasyScript Function Reference
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JavaScript API Reference

The topics included in this section are:

  • JavaScript API Class Reference
  • Interactive Crosstab API Class Reference
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