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Getting started with BIRT Design

Any BIRT Application development starts with a BIRT Design. A BIRT Design contains data access, data transformation, business logic and formatting instructions needed to present the resulting data visualization or a report. Developers use BIRT Designers to create BIRT Design. This section will help you get started with creating your first BIRT Design.

Step 1 – Choose and Download a Designer

There are two designers to choose from:

  • Eclipse open-source BIRT Designer equips developers with everything they need to access data sources; transform, integrate and apply business logic to data; secure, filter, format and present the resulting reports to users.

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  • The BIRT Designer Pro shares all the features of the Eclipse BIRT designer, and adds hundreds of HTML5-powered charts, gadgets and maps; commercial data drivers; a metadata layer, impact analysis; and cube design and caching features for creating interactive and analytic content.

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Step 2 – Learn how to Design BIRT Reports

There are numerous resources available to help you with creating BIRT Design. We suggest you start with the following.

  • Watch this two part video tutorial on Designing BIRT Reports. This short 12 min tutorial will walk through the complete creation of a BIRT Design including creating a BIRT project, connecting to data, adding a chart, formatting the report and adding drill to details capability. ( Part 1, Part 2 )

  • BIRT Designer is based on the Eclipse IDE. Learn more about the report design environment, here .

  • Launch the online help by selecting Help -> Help Content -> BIRT Report Developer Guide within the open source BIRT Designer or by going to and going to the BIRT Report Developer Guide from the Contents pane.

  • For help with BIRT Designer Professional, check out the Application Developer Guide (Note: Much, but not all, of this info is also applicable to open source)

  • In open source BIRT Designer, example designs are available by selecting Window -> Show View -> Other -> Report and Chart Design

  • Review the BIRT Simple Listing Report Tutorial on the Design Center

  • For more help with both open source BIRT (Designer and APIs), BIRT Designer Professional, and Report Studio, see the BIRT Design Guides

Step 3 – Access additional BIRT Design resources

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