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BIRT iHub F-Type
  • BIRT iHub F-Type is a free report server for BIRT developers creating smaller-scale department-level data-driven applications and deployment platforms for business-critical customer-facing applications. BIRT iHub dramatically streamlines the process of generating, managing, scheduling, sharing, and securely delivering BIRT content and data visualizations using an enterprise-grade server and secure repository. Uploading existing BIRT reports simultaneously analyzes the report designs for required external resources such as libraries and drivers and advises developers to upload those resources. BIRT iHub provides report developers with the ability to interact with and export fully featured Excel from their reports. Using Actuate's JavaScript API provides powerful integration capabilities for deploying content seamlessly into other applications.
Interactive Viewer
  • Interactive Viewer enables report customization without requiring technical understanding of underlying data structures. Report users can access, personalize and customize their BIRT content within moments of being introduced to the intuitive interface. One report design serves many users because it does not need to conform to just one structure, reducing developer workload. Running a single, multi-purpose report reduces system load, empowers users, and increases their satisfaction. Interactive Viewer supports adding hyperlinks, computed values, modifying charts, graphs, and gadgets, sorting, filtering, and grouping data.
  • BIRT iHub F-Type supports running reports or dashboards immediately, at a set time, based on an event, and on a recurring basis. When developers or end users schedule a report, they work within the security framework to specify who has access to the output, who will be notified about the document availability, and where it is to be delivered. Documents can be parameterized to support further individualization of the document output.
  • Developers can share an array of items used in the BIRT iHub ecosystem: applications, archives, project files, libraries, data sets, report layouts, templates, cubes and so on. To share reports, users assign privileges on the output document when scheduling the report to run. These privileges form part of iHub’s security features and determine which users can view and which users can subsequently run the report.
Exporting to Excel
  • Developers can export a dashboard or a report to Excel XLS or XLSX format. A particularly powerful capability, the Excel export retains the integrity of the data at the same time as it preserves formulas and pivot tables in the report. Individual elements of a report, such as charts, summary tables, or cross tabs can also be exported. Once exported, the file can be used by other applications and by our viewers.
  • Actuate JavaScript API can be used to execute and display report content in practically any front end framework. Use this API to insert report content into any DIV element, manipulate parameters, extract data, and display the viewer. JSAPI provides complete functionality for creating table of contents, exporting reports to different formats, and even the ability to modify sorting, filtering, and grouping from within the browser.
  • Create easily personalized and shared dashboards and metrics management scorecards to give executives visibility into top-level goals and objectives. Using content such as data feeds, supplied gadgets from Actuate, or Google Gadgets™, managers analyze and optimize business processes. BIRT iHub hosts dashboard types that support visual data exploration and on-the-fly analytic capabilities using filters and slicers. Metrics management gadgets support interacting with or drilling down into data and individual KPIs, to answer complex strategic, operational, and tactical business questions.
Interactive Crosstabs
  • Use Interactive Crosstabs to analyze any BIRT cross tab in a report or in a gadget on a dashboard. Add, remove, reorganize, and customize the crosstab data to examine relationships and trends. Drill down to view detail data or drill up to view summary data. Filter, group, slice, sort, and pivot the crosstab to answer business questions. For enhanced data visualization, view the crosstab as a chart to view trends such as a product's sales over time or geography.
Report Studio
  • Report Studio provides a browser user interface for creating, modifying, and viewing BIRT content without requiring technical understanding of underlying data structures. Using data sources designed and provided by data architects, business users can create dynamic data visualizations and business reports without relying on IT. Use Report Studio to create insightful ad hoc reports when you need to find instant answers to specific business questions. Report Studio includes a set of templates to start many types of report designs. Administrators add to this set by developing more templates using BIRT Designer Professional and uploading them to BIRT iHub.
**For help getting started creating BIRT Designs to use with your BIRT iHub F-Type, see the Design Center - Getting Started Guide


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