Integrating Applications into iHub

Integrating Applications into iHub

 Provides information about using iHub APIs and URIs to integrate iHub functionality into customer applications. The APIs include client-side programming using iHub JavaScript API and server-side programming using the XML-based iHub Information Delivery API. The REST API delivers content and data from iHub to any mobile or web application.

Downloadable Examples

  • REST API Usage
    A set of REST API examples showing advanced API usage, including fetching long lists of items, using chunked streaming, and more.
  • RSSE Implementation
    A sample Reporting Server Security Extension (RSSE) implementation, using JSON-formatted data to define user properties and user gropus. This RSSE sample can be used in conjunction with the Sample IPSE implementation.
  • OpenText Directory Services RSSE
    A Report Server Security Extension (RSSE) driver that delegates user and identity management for the iHub volume to OpenText Directory Services (OTDS). This driver extends the iHub's standard LDAP implementation beyond simple user name and password authentication.
  • Single Sign-On
    A Java class and set of JSP files that demonstrate a single sign-on environment. RSSE and JSAPI are used together to process tokens to determine that a user session is valid.
  • IPSE Implementation
    A Java class that implements IPSE to use JSON-formatted data to define mappings for user credentials passed in URLs to iHub volume user properties. This IPSE sample can can be used in conjunction with the sample RRSE implementation.
  • Custom Event Job Scheduling
    A Java class that implements the EventService interface to support a custom event triggering a job on iHub.
  • iHub Volume Provisioning
    A set of examples demonstrating supported use of the Provisioning API. These examples show volume administration tasks such as adding and enabling a volume, getting volume properties, and working with LDAP and RSSE settings.
  • iHub Volume Reporting
    A report design that shows how to use the Actuate Information Delivery API (IDAPI) and the BIRT Web Services data source to retrieve information about volume contents from the iHub server.
  • WSDL for Java and .NET
    A set of examples demonstrating the use of the IDAPI WSDL in both Java and Micorsoft .NET environments.

Browse Documentation

  • Integrating Applications into iHub
    Provides information about using iHub APIs and URIs to integrate iHub functionality into customer applications. This guide includes an introduction to the concepts required to work with the APIs.
  • Application Developer Guide
    Provides information about using Analytics Designer, also known as BIRT Designer Professional, to create customer-facing applications, mashups, and dashboards.
  • iHub API Reference Guide
    Provides iHub APIs reference and examples.
  • API Reference Docs
    Provides Java and JavaScript Docs for iHub APIs.

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