Learning about Interactive Crosstab in Java Components

Learning about Interactive Crosstabs in Java Components

You can view, modify, or create a cross tab report using Interactive Crosstabs. A crosstab report displays summary information in rows and columns. Drill down to view detail information or drill up to see summary totals.

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  • Analyzing Data
    Using a cross tab to review, filter, and format summary data. Drilling down and drilling up to view more or less detail.
  • Using Actuate Viewers
    Using Actuate BIRT Viewers to view, navigate, and export data from report files stored in a file system repository. Using Interactive Viewer to change the appearance and structure of a report document and filter the contents of the document.
  • Installing an Actuate BIRT Java Component
    Describes how to deploy and test an Actuate BIRT Java Component as a web application.
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