Learning about BIRT iHub

Learning about BIRT iHub F-Type

BIRT iHub F-Type is a free report server for BIRT developers creating smaller-scale department-level data-driven applications and deployment platforms for business-critical customer-facing applications. BIRT iHub dramatically streamlines the process of generating, managing, scheduling, sharing, and securely delivering BIRT content and data visualizations using an enterprise-grade server and secure repository. Uploading existing BIRT reports simultaneously analyzes the report designs for required external resources such as libraries and drivers and advises developers to upload those resources. BIRT iHub provides report developers with the ability to interact with and export fully featured Excel from their reports. Using Actuate's JavaScript API provides powerful integration capabilities for deploying content seamlessly into other applications.

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  • Using Visualization Platform
    Describes how to use Actuate BIRT iHub Visualization Platform to access, create, and run files stored in an Encyclopedia volume.
  • Using BIRT Viewers
    Using Actuate BIRT Viewers to view, navigate, and export data from report files stored in an Encyclopedia volume. Using Interactive Viewer to change the appearance and structure of a report document and filter the contents of the document.
  • Managing Volumes and Users
    Discusses how to administer a BIRT iHub System Encyclopedia volume. 
  • Integrating Applications into BIRT iHub
    Provides information about integrating applications using Actuate APIs and URIs into BIRT iHub. This guide includes an introduction to the concepts required to work with the APIs.
  • Actuate BIRT Application Developer Guide
    Provides information about using BIRT Designer Professional to create customer-facing applications, mashups, and dashboards.